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intern upon the interpretation of evidence, rather than the collection of the evidence itself, are apt to introduce into their reports, however much they may strive to be
Hithertu there has been no book of reference giving complete information in Primate anatomy to which students of Anatomy or Anthropology could turn for enlightenment. A quarter of a century ago Sir Arthur Keith placed his colleagues under a deep debt of gratitude DV compiling a bibliography and annotations upon the anatomy of the great Apes, which has been of the utmost service to workers in Anthropology ever since. In his bnok Morphology and Anthropology Dr. Duck-worih, of Cambridge, has made a useful collection of data relating to the anatomy of the Primates; and scores of other writers have dealt with one or another branch of Simian anatomy, often in great detail. What especially was needed by students was a fuller summary of this mass of evidence compiled by someone with a iirst-hand knowledge of the facts.
In commending Dr. Sonntag's book to students perhaps I should explain that it is wholly his own work.